Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Bird in Birdcage

I like finding craft materials in Sales. I found the bird in a sale in W H Smiths and put it away as I knew I could use it for a card at some point.  A friend asked me to make a card for a teenager who likes birdcages.  I found just the birdcage I wanted on google images I printed it off cut it out using a scalpal and coloured in the black lines with a black pen to make it stand out more. I used purple card for the background. I stuck a piece of raffia on for the branch then I stuck the bird on. I attached the birdcage to the card using lots of small sticky pads so it would stick out. Next time I am thinking of cutting the top of the card to the shape of the birdcage.

Monday, 29 August 2011

Iris folding Rose

Iris folding flower

This card always works best using five different colours. I had a template and used the normal technique to stick down the different coloured paper. For the border around the card I decided to use more than one colour. I matched the background of the sentiment with the center colour of the flower - yellow. Backing the sentiment in a few of the colours used in the flowers brings the whole card together and draws your eye from the flower down to the sentiment.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Jars of sweets

I saw this wrapping paper with jars of sweets all over it and new it would look good on cards. my daughter helped me cut out the jars. I used a strip of an old brown envelope for a chunky shelf and arranged the jars along it. I stuck the brown paper down with sticky pads so it stuck out slightly and I used glue to stick down the jars.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Iris folding vase with flowers

Cards don't always have to be just one type of card making . For this card I have used Iris folding and stuck cut out flowers on also. I used two different papers white and a pale flower patterned paper. I used the same paper to cut the flowers out from. I stuck the flowers down using sticky pads so they stuck out. I used a shiny green paper for the leaves to give it texture and contrast from everything else.

Iris folding sports car

I used the same union jack bunting as I had used for the Iris folding male shirt as this card was for the other twin. I used a car template for the iris folding sticking down the strips with sellotape. I added the road trip sentiment to the middle and stuck it down with glue, this was from a set of fathers day decoupage I brought from Osbornes. The wheels are black card stuck down with glue. I backed the "Happy Birthday" sentiment with the union jack bunting so it tied in with everything. I decided to use red and blue for the border. I covered the inside of the card with white paper.

Iris folidng male shirt

Sometimes I see something and buy and wait for a suitable time to use it. I brought this union Jack bunting in a sale from cox & cox . The brief for this card was for a male who liked shopping and it was going to be his birthday. I decided to use the bunting for the whole of the shirt as well as the backing for the sentiment. I stuck the sentiment down with glue. I covered the back of the iris folding with white paper to match the inside of the card. I had a matching blue envelope to go with the blue card.

Sunday, 31 July 2011

Shaped cards look great. I used the same paper for the cupcake cases sticking it dowm with glue. decided on three different types of icing on the cakes.On the first I stuck down pink paper with a wavy pattern so it looked like icing I stuck the pink flower on the top down with a sticky pad so it stuck out. For the second I used white paper to make it look like white icing and I stuck this down with sticky pads also so it stuck out. I whole punced some different coloured paper to use for sprinkles. For the last cake I used a premade icing top I had brought from a set.
The letters for the sentiment are from a great set of letters I had brought from "The Works".

Iris folding - 5 tulips

I used the tulip template and added on a few more tulips. I decided to try out different patterns for each larger tulip. I used a different colour in each tulip. For the two smaller tulips I covered the back in one colour so it was one plain colour. I feel this makes the larger tulips stand out more. I used a thin dark green marker to draw the stems and then the same for the boarder around the card. I stuck on a yellow sentiment so your eye was draw from the top to the bottom of the card.

Saturday, 30 July 2011

3d Topiary Tree- yellow/white

I made this the same way as the other Topiary tree but used different shades of yellow buttons, white flowers and creme flowers and also spotted paper for the vase.

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Decoupage tatty teddy

Backing the image and sentiment on the same paper as the backing paper brings the card together. I used a tatty teddy decoupage set. I used sticky pads on each layer. I chose the pink backing paper to match the pink on the perfume bottle.

Iris folding balloon card - Blue

This card is made the same way as previous Iris folding balloon cards. I added blue ribbon and a blue sentiment that had been stuck on the same blue pattern as one of the papers I had used for the balloon.

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Iris folding cross

This card can be used for many different occasions just add the sentiment you would like to finish it off. I cut out the cross template and then used two different shades of brown envelopes. I used some shiny green paper for the center of the cross and as the backing paper inside the card. To finish it off I drew a green boarder around the card to draw the eye into the middle of the card.

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Shaped Cupcake Card - Birthday

 Another shaped Cupcake Card . I used the same paper for the case on each card. I feel this works well. I went for a different design on each cupcake and used pre cut letters again for the sentiment sticking them down with sticky pads.

Decoupage Forever Friends Fishing card

I used a Forever friends decoupage set sticking each layer on with sticky pads. I used a checked background and also used the same background as a border around the "Celebrate" sentiment.

Decoupage Forever Friends Fathers Day Card

This decoupage set is from a Forever Friends set. I stuck it onto a precut blue card to complimet the blue in the card.

Shaped Cupcake Card - Birthday

I drew around the cupcake template onto the white card and then cut it out. I then started to decide what type of design I wanted on each cupcake. I used pre cut letters to add the "Happy Birthday Jo". I stuck them down using sticking pads. The cherry with stars on is from a pack of Cath Kidston stickers.

Shaped Elephants card

I drew an elephant outline and made a template out of card. I then cut out two elephants from the card. I then covered each card in different paper. I cut out the elephants ear so it popped out. I stuck a googly eye on each elephant. I glued a green balloon to the pink elephants trunk and a pink balloon to the green elephants trunk. I added a "happy birthday" sentiment.
This card would be ideal as an anniversary or wedding card also.

shaped screen card

I used a screen template and drew around some white card and cut the card out. I then covered it in the flower paper I had chosen using glue to stick it down.  I cut out the panels from the same flower paper and stuck them down using sticky pads. To finish it off I stuck a sentiment in the middle panel .

Sunday, 5 June 2011

mug shaped card

A great card for a man. I used white card traced around my template and then cut it out. Covered it in the paper I wanted to use as the design on the mug and then stuck a momentum on the front after backing it with the same paper as the mug.

Saturday, 4 June 2011

3d Topiary Tree

When making any type of card for someone specifically I like to make it just for them including the colour scheme. I used Papermania paper and buttons for this. I cut out the template and then used the black and white paper for the vase. I stuck 4 1p's in the corners of the base to weigh it down, I used white card for the stem. I coloured the head of the topiary in green after sticking it together. I then cut out all the flowers and coloured in half black and then stuck the cute buttons on each flowers. I stuck the flowers on in a pattern.

Monday, 2 May 2011

Faberge egg in box - purple

I made this egg and box the same way as I made the previous Faberge egg. This time I used purple card for the box and a different shade of purple card for the stand. I used purple stones on the egg and I decorated the egg with a purple pen

Monday, 18 April 2011

Decoupage hedgehog with flowers

I used a country companions set to make the hedgehog with the flowers. I layered it up with sticky pads. I decided to use the shiny green background as I felt it went well with the hedgehog's boots and was a good contrast to the flowers. I added a flower onto the green at the bottom. I left a white border around the card so your eyes were brought into the middle of the card.

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Decoupage rabbit easter card

I used a country companions decoupage set. I layered up the image using sticky pads. I used a prefolded card and stuck some yellow tissue paper in the background abd then stuck the image on top. I cut out some of the flowers that were spare and added them to the bottom left hand corner and added some butterflys to the top right hand side.

Friday, 15 April 2011

Decoupage superman card

I used a decoupage set I brought to make this card. I layered up each different part using sticky pads. I added  a sentiment and a strip of supermen at the bottom to finish it off. Adding a different sentiment can make this into a card for a different occasion.

Monday, 11 April 2011

Iris folding name card

I used the iris folding technique for this card. As the name was long I decided to do the card landscape.I drew the name on the inside of the front of the card missing out the letter a as I was going to stick this on the front . I then cut out the letters with a scalpel. I used the same wrapping paper for all the card. On two of the letters I stuck the wrapping paper behind. I then iris folded the other letters. I then stuck the cut out A's onto the front of the card using sticky pads. I cut out some stars from the wrapping paper I had been using and randomly stuck them on the card. To finsih it off I drew a border. I covered the inside of the front of the card with the same wrapping paper to hide the iris folding.

Decoupage hedgehog with hat on

I used a decoupage set from Country Companions layering up each piece with sticky pads. I then stuck it on some green paper and then stuck it on the card. I then added the sentiment that came with the pack. This card could be used for many occasions such as a "Birthday card", "Thank you card", "Get well card", "Thinking of you card" etc.

Friday, 8 April 2011

Competition entry for Cath Kidson magazine

The theme for the competition was "Buttons". I used one of the Cath Kidston patterns and cut it out . I stuck brown paper on the background and different coloured buttons on different flowers. I then added three coloured buttons to each corner of the frame. To stick the buttons down I used UHU glue.



Sunday, 27 March 2011

Hippo Birthday card !

This card was made for someone who likes hippo's and computer's. I stuck the backing paper onto the black card. I then cut out the middle of a piece of black card so this was the screen, I used sticky pads to stick the screen down so it was slightly raised. I found a postcard with this hippo on cut it out and stuck it in the middle of the screen using sticky pads to layer it up. I used a happy birthday sentiment and stuck it as though it was coming out of the hippo's mouth. I stuck three adhesive stones on the front righthand corner to make it look like computer screen buttons and I wrote Palmer computers at the top as though this was the make of the computer.

Saturday, 19 March 2011

3 D Faberge egg in a box

I made the faberge egg using Ivory paper. Once I had cut out the circles to make the egg I folded the circles and started sticking it together. I used pritt stick to stick the egg together. I then stuck adhesive stones around the egg and drew around the edge of the egg to make it look special.
I used thick black card to make the box and acetate to cover the windows. I stuck the box together with PVA glue and used Pritt stick to stick the acetate to the black card. I tied thin silky ribbon at the top if the box in a bow. DONE

Friday, 11 March 2011

3d rose with a box

This 3d Rose is made using a textured green card as the leaf, folded in various places and small holes are made to thread the blue thread through. I coloured the inside of the leaf different shades of green. I used pink and yellow paper as the petals and stamen. I added a teabag folded butterfly in the middle as a surprise.
There is also a small ladybird stuck on the outside of the green card. 

I made a box using white card and decorated it with bunting and lanterns from some wrapping paper I had brought from waterstones. I also used one of the lanterns to write the sentiment on which I attached to the blue thread.

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Decoupage Anniversary Card

I used a coutry companions set to make this cute hedgehog card. I stuck the bottom layer onto some green card which I had already stuck onto a pre folded white card.  I then layered up the picture with sticky pads in between each layer. I decided to add the two ladybirds on the rigth hand side and the ladybirds carrying the rose on the left hand side. I stuck they down also with sticky pads. Then I decided to add a sentiment and drew the sentiment myself with a black ink pen. I cut it out and stuck it onto the same colour green paper as the background, cut out a boarder around the white sentiment and stuck it down in the middle of the card at the bottom. Done

Friday, 4 March 2011

butterfly teabag folding card

Papermania make some great cards with printed backgrounds on. I used a matching pattern to make two teabag butterflys wings and then stuck it onto the card. I drew the body and antennies on using a maroon pen. I used a piece of paper with the same pattern on as the butterflys wings as a border for the sentiment to bring the card together. I have entered this into March's competition on Lothian Crafts website.

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Luggage shaped card

This card was for a person who liked going on holiday, watching T.V. and drinking Whisky. I cut the luggage shape out onto white card and then stuck a brown envelope over the top and cut around it. The buckles are brown card and white paper coloured in silver. I have added some detail with travel stickers to give the effect that the luggage has been taken to different countires.The luggage labels are stickers also. The handbag is an old gift tag stuck on with sticky pads to make it stand out. I put the recipitents initals on one of the pieces of luggage and drew two whisky lids in the top of the handbag.

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Lava Lamp Shaped Card

If you want something different this is the card for you ! I cut out the card in the shape of a Lava Lamp and then covered it in blue cellophane. For the bubbles I used spotty paper some two layers others three layers high with sticky pads in between. I then stuck pink wrappers(from quality streets) over the top. For the base I used foil.

Monday, 21 February 2011

3d cup in a box

My grandad always says we shouldn't buy him presents. I know he always likes it when we make him something.  This 3d cup was made from a template on patterend paper and glued together. I used the same pattern to make the tag for the teabag just like a teabag you can buy. I used a pyramid Teabag and sewed some thread through the corner of the teabag and attached it to the tag. The birthday message has been written on the teabag tag(very small !). The box is made from black card and stuck together with double sided sellotape.

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Iris folding balloon card for girl/boy

Using different coloured papers can then make the card for a male or female. These two cards use the same balloon template and iris folding template. I added red ribbon to both to make it more life like. I used glue to stick the ribbon on.

Iris folding star

This card is simple but effective. I used black card and cut out a star. I decided to use three different papers for the iris folding.

Pink Elephant Card

The person who I made this card for has a particular fondness for elephant. To create a card using a shape on the front you devide the shape in half either side of the back of the card. In this case The front half of the elephant was on the left hand side of the card then the back of the card and on the right hand side of the card was the back of the elephant. To close the card I a interlinking diamond. I punched different shades of pink butterflies out and stuck them onto the elephant with glue.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Poorly Oswold Card

My friend had hurt his foot , was on cruches and likes Owls. So I decided to use this theme to make his birthday card. I used brown wrapping paper as the background sticking to a pre cut card with glue. I stuck an owl gift tag to the background with sticky pads. For the cruches I painted two match stickes white and painted over one of the Owls feet white I attached the match sticks with thin strips of double sided sellotape. I then stuck a happy birthday sentiment and drew around the edge of the card in silver pen.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Iris folding Valentines Heart

I decided to use a square card and cut out a heart. I used three different types of red paper and iris folded the heart. I used a heart punch to punch out some small hearts and stuck them around the card with glue.
Simple but effective.

Monday, 14 February 2011

Decoupage Birthday Card

I stuck the background onto the card. I cut out various different flags,lanterns, leaves and the birds on the top row. I attached the pieces I have cut out using sticky pads. I used one of the laterns as a border around the Happy Birthday attachment and stuck in onto the card using a sticky pad also so it stuck out.

Card for a man

This card is for a man who likes superman. I used different superman images for the background stuck on the card with glue. I used some fabric letters for his initals I stuck them on to small square pieces of cork with glue. The cork was self adhesive and then stuck on the background. VoilĂ .

Iris Folding Tulip Birthday card

I cut out four tulip shapes two large and two small.  I used a stripy paper to do the iris folding in the tulips. I coloured some string in green and stuck in onto the card to look like stems with glue. I cut out some shiny green card to look like grass and I stuck it on using sticky pads. I used a Happy Birthday attachment sticking it on with sticky pads so it stood out.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Iris folding surname Card

Two letters I used Iris foling E and L on far right and the other two B and L are cut out of patterned paper. I gave each letter an edge and stuck it on a green background. Bell is a friends surname