Sunday, 27 February 2011

Luggage shaped card

This card was for a person who liked going on holiday, watching T.V. and drinking Whisky. I cut the luggage shape out onto white card and then stuck a brown envelope over the top and cut around it. The buckles are brown card and white paper coloured in silver. I have added some detail with travel stickers to give the effect that the luggage has been taken to different countires.The luggage labels are stickers also. The handbag is an old gift tag stuck on with sticky pads to make it stand out. I put the recipitents initals on one of the pieces of luggage and drew two whisky lids in the top of the handbag.

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Lava Lamp Shaped Card

If you want something different this is the card for you ! I cut out the card in the shape of a Lava Lamp and then covered it in blue cellophane. For the bubbles I used spotty paper some two layers others three layers high with sticky pads in between. I then stuck pink wrappers(from quality streets) over the top. For the base I used foil.

Monday, 21 February 2011

3d cup in a box

My grandad always says we shouldn't buy him presents. I know he always likes it when we make him something.  This 3d cup was made from a template on patterend paper and glued together. I used the same pattern to make the tag for the teabag just like a teabag you can buy. I used a pyramid Teabag and sewed some thread through the corner of the teabag and attached it to the tag. The birthday message has been written on the teabag tag(very small !). The box is made from black card and stuck together with double sided sellotape.

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Iris folding balloon card for girl/boy

Using different coloured papers can then make the card for a male or female. These two cards use the same balloon template and iris folding template. I added red ribbon to both to make it more life like. I used glue to stick the ribbon on.

Iris folding star

This card is simple but effective. I used black card and cut out a star. I decided to use three different papers for the iris folding.

Pink Elephant Card

The person who I made this card for has a particular fondness for elephant. To create a card using a shape on the front you devide the shape in half either side of the back of the card. In this case The front half of the elephant was on the left hand side of the card then the back of the card and on the right hand side of the card was the back of the elephant. To close the card I a interlinking diamond. I punched different shades of pink butterflies out and stuck them onto the elephant with glue.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Poorly Oswold Card

My friend had hurt his foot , was on cruches and likes Owls. So I decided to use this theme to make his birthday card. I used brown wrapping paper as the background sticking to a pre cut card with glue. I stuck an owl gift tag to the background with sticky pads. For the cruches I painted two match stickes white and painted over one of the Owls feet white I attached the match sticks with thin strips of double sided sellotape. I then stuck a happy birthday sentiment and drew around the edge of the card in silver pen.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Iris folding Valentines Heart

I decided to use a square card and cut out a heart. I used three different types of red paper and iris folded the heart. I used a heart punch to punch out some small hearts and stuck them around the card with glue.
Simple but effective.

Monday, 14 February 2011

Decoupage Birthday Card

I stuck the background onto the card. I cut out various different flags,lanterns, leaves and the birds on the top row. I attached the pieces I have cut out using sticky pads. I used one of the laterns as a border around the Happy Birthday attachment and stuck in onto the card using a sticky pad also so it stuck out.

Card for a man

This card is for a man who likes superman. I used different superman images for the background stuck on the card with glue. I used some fabric letters for his initals I stuck them on to small square pieces of cork with glue. The cork was self adhesive and then stuck on the background. VoilĂ .

Iris Folding Tulip Birthday card

I cut out four tulip shapes two large and two small.  I used a stripy paper to do the iris folding in the tulips. I coloured some string in green and stuck in onto the card to look like stems with glue. I cut out some shiny green card to look like grass and I stuck it on using sticky pads. I used a Happy Birthday attachment sticking it on with sticky pads so it stood out.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Iris folding surname Card

Two letters I used Iris foling E and L on far right and the other two B and L are cut out of patterned paper. I gave each letter an edge and stuck it on a green background. Bell is a friends surname

Oswold the Owl

I used a gift tag I found in a sale in W H smiths I stuck it to the leaf backing paper with sticky pads. Very quick and simple but effective. Can be personalised with a message on front.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Robot Birthday Card

This is a Birthday card for a boy.I used decoupage technique for this card. I layered up the robot in the middle with sticky pads. I also layered up the red and green button. I used glue to stick on the google eyes. I used a Happy Birthday attachment to finish of the card

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Father Christmas card

Here is a card I made using a cute pictures of a Swedish Father Christmas gift tag, a red background with white spots  piece of paper cut to size and small peg. I have attached the Father Christmas to the red/white paper using sticky pads. I have glued the Red/white paper onto the white card and clipped the peg onto the gift tag.

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Iris folding tulip card

I used a pale yellow piece of card and cut out 4 tulips. I used a stripy piece of paper for the lris folding. I stuck green leaves and stems on the front to mimic real stems and leaves. I stuck a row of easter eggs on the bottom of the card which I had cut out myself and I covered the back of the iris folding inside the car with the same colour as the card.
I brought the card from Osbornes and the paper was from an Easter Pack from Paper Mania.