Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Bird in Birdcage

I like finding craft materials in Sales. I found the bird in a sale in W H Smiths and put it away as I knew I could use it for a card at some point.  A friend asked me to make a card for a teenager who likes birdcages.  I found just the birdcage I wanted on google images I printed it off cut it out using a scalpal and coloured in the black lines with a black pen to make it stand out more. I used purple card for the background. I stuck a piece of raffia on for the branch then I stuck the bird on. I attached the birdcage to the card using lots of small sticky pads so it would stick out. Next time I am thinking of cutting the top of the card to the shape of the birdcage.

Monday, 29 August 2011

Iris folding Rose

Iris folding flower

This card always works best using five different colours. I had a template and used the normal technique to stick down the different coloured paper. For the border around the card I decided to use more than one colour. I matched the background of the sentiment with the center colour of the flower - yellow. Backing the sentiment in a few of the colours used in the flowers brings the whole card together and draws your eye from the flower down to the sentiment.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Jars of sweets

I saw this wrapping paper with jars of sweets all over it and new it would look good on cards. my daughter helped me cut out the jars. I used a strip of an old brown envelope for a chunky shelf and arranged the jars along it. I stuck the brown paper down with sticky pads so it stuck out slightly and I used glue to stick down the jars.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Iris folding vase with flowers

Cards don't always have to be just one type of card making . For this card I have used Iris folding and stuck cut out flowers on also. I used two different papers white and a pale flower patterned paper. I used the same paper to cut the flowers out from. I stuck the flowers down using sticky pads so they stuck out. I used a shiny green paper for the leaves to give it texture and contrast from everything else.

Iris folding sports car

I used the same union jack bunting as I had used for the Iris folding male shirt as this card was for the other twin. I used a car template for the iris folding sticking down the strips with sellotape. I added the road trip sentiment to the middle and stuck it down with glue, this was from a set of fathers day decoupage I brought from Osbornes. The wheels are black card stuck down with glue. I backed the "Happy Birthday" sentiment with the union jack bunting so it tied in with everything. I decided to use red and blue for the border. I covered the inside of the card with white paper.

Iris folidng male shirt

Sometimes I see something and buy and wait for a suitable time to use it. I brought this union Jack bunting in a sale from cox & cox . The brief for this card was for a male who liked shopping and it was going to be his birthday. I decided to use the bunting for the whole of the shirt as well as the backing for the sentiment. I stuck the sentiment down with glue. I covered the back of the iris folding with white paper to match the inside of the card. I had a matching blue envelope to go with the blue card.