Saturday, 25 June 2011

Iris folding cross

This card can be used for many different occasions just add the sentiment you would like to finish it off. I cut out the cross template and then used two different shades of brown envelopes. I used some shiny green paper for the center of the cross and as the backing paper inside the card. To finish it off I drew a green boarder around the card to draw the eye into the middle of the card.

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Shaped Cupcake Card - Birthday

 Another shaped Cupcake Card . I used the same paper for the case on each card. I feel this works well. I went for a different design on each cupcake and used pre cut letters again for the sentiment sticking them down with sticky pads.

Decoupage Forever Friends Fishing card

I used a Forever friends decoupage set sticking each layer on with sticky pads. I used a checked background and also used the same background as a border around the "Celebrate" sentiment.

Decoupage Forever Friends Fathers Day Card

This decoupage set is from a Forever Friends set. I stuck it onto a precut blue card to complimet the blue in the card.

Shaped Cupcake Card - Birthday

I drew around the cupcake template onto the white card and then cut it out. I then started to decide what type of design I wanted on each cupcake. I used pre cut letters to add the "Happy Birthday Jo". I stuck them down using sticking pads. The cherry with stars on is from a pack of Cath Kidston stickers.

Shaped Elephants card

I drew an elephant outline and made a template out of card. I then cut out two elephants from the card. I then covered each card in different paper. I cut out the elephants ear so it popped out. I stuck a googly eye on each elephant. I glued a green balloon to the pink elephants trunk and a pink balloon to the green elephants trunk. I added a "happy birthday" sentiment.
This card would be ideal as an anniversary or wedding card also.

shaped screen card

I used a screen template and drew around some white card and cut the card out. I then covered it in the flower paper I had chosen using glue to stick it down.  I cut out the panels from the same flower paper and stuck them down using sticky pads. To finish it off I stuck a sentiment in the middle panel .

Sunday, 5 June 2011

mug shaped card

A great card for a man. I used white card traced around my template and then cut it out. Covered it in the paper I wanted to use as the design on the mug and then stuck a momentum on the front after backing it with the same paper as the mug.

Saturday, 4 June 2011

3d Topiary Tree

When making any type of card for someone specifically I like to make it just for them including the colour scheme. I used Papermania paper and buttons for this. I cut out the template and then used the black and white paper for the vase. I stuck 4 1p's in the corners of the base to weigh it down, I used white card for the stem. I coloured the head of the topiary in green after sticking it together. I then cut out all the flowers and coloured in half black and then stuck the cute buttons on each flowers. I stuck the flowers on in a pattern.