Sunday, 27 March 2011

Hippo Birthday card !

This card was made for someone who likes hippo's and computer's. I stuck the backing paper onto the black card. I then cut out the middle of a piece of black card so this was the screen, I used sticky pads to stick the screen down so it was slightly raised. I found a postcard with this hippo on cut it out and stuck it in the middle of the screen using sticky pads to layer it up. I used a happy birthday sentiment and stuck it as though it was coming out of the hippo's mouth. I stuck three adhesive stones on the front righthand corner to make it look like computer screen buttons and I wrote Palmer computers at the top as though this was the make of the computer.

Saturday, 19 March 2011

3 D Faberge egg in a box

I made the faberge egg using Ivory paper. Once I had cut out the circles to make the egg I folded the circles and started sticking it together. I used pritt stick to stick the egg together. I then stuck adhesive stones around the egg and drew around the edge of the egg to make it look special.
I used thick black card to make the box and acetate to cover the windows. I stuck the box together with PVA glue and used Pritt stick to stick the acetate to the black card. I tied thin silky ribbon at the top if the box in a bow. DONE

Friday, 11 March 2011

3d rose with a box

This 3d Rose is made using a textured green card as the leaf, folded in various places and small holes are made to thread the blue thread through. I coloured the inside of the leaf different shades of green. I used pink and yellow paper as the petals and stamen. I added a teabag folded butterfly in the middle as a surprise.
There is also a small ladybird stuck on the outside of the green card. 

I made a box using white card and decorated it with bunting and lanterns from some wrapping paper I had brought from waterstones. I also used one of the lanterns to write the sentiment on which I attached to the blue thread.

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Decoupage Anniversary Card

I used a coutry companions set to make this cute hedgehog card. I stuck the bottom layer onto some green card which I had already stuck onto a pre folded white card.  I then layered up the picture with sticky pads in between each layer. I decided to add the two ladybirds on the rigth hand side and the ladybirds carrying the rose on the left hand side. I stuck they down also with sticky pads. Then I decided to add a sentiment and drew the sentiment myself with a black ink pen. I cut it out and stuck it onto the same colour green paper as the background, cut out a boarder around the white sentiment and stuck it down in the middle of the card at the bottom. Done

Friday, 4 March 2011

butterfly teabag folding card

Papermania make some great cards with printed backgrounds on. I used a matching pattern to make two teabag butterflys wings and then stuck it onto the card. I drew the body and antennies on using a maroon pen. I used a piece of paper with the same pattern on as the butterflys wings as a border for the sentiment to bring the card together. I have entered this into March's competition on Lothian Crafts website.