Sunday, 31 July 2011

Shaped cards look great. I used the same paper for the cupcake cases sticking it dowm with glue. decided on three different types of icing on the cakes.On the first I stuck down pink paper with a wavy pattern so it looked like icing I stuck the pink flower on the top down with a sticky pad so it stuck out. For the second I used white paper to make it look like white icing and I stuck this down with sticky pads also so it stuck out. I whole punced some different coloured paper to use for sprinkles. For the last cake I used a premade icing top I had brought from a set.
The letters for the sentiment are from a great set of letters I had brought from "The Works".

Iris folding - 5 tulips

I used the tulip template and added on a few more tulips. I decided to try out different patterns for each larger tulip. I used a different colour in each tulip. For the two smaller tulips I covered the back in one colour so it was one plain colour. I feel this makes the larger tulips stand out more. I used a thin dark green marker to draw the stems and then the same for the boarder around the card. I stuck on a yellow sentiment so your eye was draw from the top to the bottom of the card.

Saturday, 30 July 2011

3d Topiary Tree- yellow/white

I made this the same way as the other Topiary tree but used different shades of yellow buttons, white flowers and creme flowers and also spotted paper for the vase.

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Decoupage tatty teddy

Backing the image and sentiment on the same paper as the backing paper brings the card together. I used a tatty teddy decoupage set. I used sticky pads on each layer. I chose the pink backing paper to match the pink on the perfume bottle.

Iris folding balloon card - Blue

This card is made the same way as previous Iris folding balloon cards. I added blue ribbon and a blue sentiment that had been stuck on the same blue pattern as one of the papers I had used for the balloon.